COVID 19 Cleaning

COVID 19 Cleaning in Brisbane by Trained and Qualified Professionals

In light of the pandemic triggered by the dreaded COVID 19we at Y&S Group added a new line of business that has become the very order of the day. It’s COVID cleaning. Indeed, we have a team of highly trained and qualified professional cleaners, who offer quality COVID 19 cleaning in Brisbane at commercial and domestic properties and at offices, in accordance with the norms and protocols set by the Govt. of Queensland.

Why should you hire us?
Firstly, Y&S Group is a fully insured and accredited company and all our cleaners are licenced
We follow the protocols set by the Govt of Queensland while offering Covid-19 cleaning and disinfection in Brisbane.

Our cleaning is all about providing a thorough fogging service with the help of state of the art fogging machines and using industry-grade and hospital grade eco-friendly cleaning products. It ensures that the cleaning product reaches out to every nook and cranny of your property. They follow it up by manual disinfecting &sanitising,using medicated towels to ensure every surface, more so the high touch ones, are cleaned impeccably. Thus, our dedicated commercial office and house disinfection and sanitising services inBrisbaneensure that every corner of your property is free from any contamination whatsoever, by COVID 19.

Our cleaners are always with full COVID cleaning gear, with the latest tools for cleaning and are always on PPE suite, gloves, and boots, eye guards when conducting the cleaning.

We maintain social distance and would request everyone to remain confined in a secluded part of the property to ensure we are never the source of infection.

All our cleaners are fit and fine with the ones with symptoms that are even remotest semblance to symptoms of COVID infection being taken from the service.

So Y&S Group is one of the most trustworthy names when it comes to offering home, office, and commercial disinfecting &sanitising services in Brisbane. For further details and to book a service, CONTACT US immediately! You need us ardently to say fit and healthy at your office, work and your home!!